avatar for Scot Osterweil

Scot Osterweil

Creative Director
avatar for Reid Adams

Reid Adams

DeVry Medical International's Institute for Research and Clinical Strategy
Director of Simulation Ops.
avatar for Roger Altizer

Roger Altizer

Entertainment Arts and Engineering
Associate Director
avatar for Craig G. Anderson

Craig G. Anderson

University of California - Irvine
avatar for Dylan Arena

Dylan Arena

Kidaptive, Inc.
Co-founder and Chief Learning Scientist
avatar for Jodi Asbell-Clarke

Jodi Asbell-Clarke

avatar for Dana Atwood-Blaine

Dana Atwood-Blaine

University of Northern Iowa
Assistant Professor/Science Fellow
avatar for Michelle Adrienne Aubrecht

Michelle Adrienne Aubrecht

game-based learning specialist, project manager
avatar for Kevin Ballestrini

Kevin Ballestrini

Mansfield Middle School
Latin Teacher, EL Coordinator
avatar for Sasha Barab

Sasha Barab

Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona, USA
avatar for Erin Bardar, PhD

Erin Bardar, PhD

Education Materials Director
avatar for Eric Bauman

Eric Bauman

DeVry Medical International Inst. for Research & Clinical Strategy
Asst. Dean for Educational Technology and Game-Based Learning
avatar for Marshall Behringer

Marshall Behringer

Filament Games
Madison, WI, USA

Matthew Berland

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Madison, WI, United States
avatar for John Besley

John Besley

Michigan State University
Ellis N. Brandt Chair
avatar for Dr. Anthony Betrus

Dr. Anthony Betrus

SUNY Potsdam
Professor/Business Administration Chair
avatar for Sujata  Bhatt

Sujata Bhatt

Incubator School
avatar for John Binzak

John Binzak

Research Project Assistant
avatar for Samantha Blackmon

Samantha Blackmon

Purdue University
Associate Professor
avatar for Elizabeth Bonsignore

Elizabeth Bonsignore

University of Maryland iSchool/HCIL
postdoc HCIL
avatar for Sarah Brasiel

Sarah Brasiel

Utah State University
Senior Researcher, Adjunct Faculty
avatar for Trevor Brown

Trevor Brown

Filament Games
Art Director
avatar for Kyrie Eleison H. Caldwell

Kyrie Eleison H. Caldwell

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Graduate Student (Master's)
avatar for Pantiphar Chantes

Pantiphar Chantes

Teachers College, Columbia University
avatar for Mark Chen

Mark Chen

University of Washington Bothell
Accidental Hero and Layabout
avatar for Cynthia Carter Ching

Cynthia Carter Ching

University of California, Davis
Professor of Learning and Mind Sciences

Ahram Choi

Teachers College, Columbia University
avatar for Judeth Oden Choi

Judeth Oden Choi

Writ Large Press
avatar for David Clark

David Clark

Butler County Educational Service Center
Curriculum and Technology Specialist
avatar for Douglas Clark

Douglas Clark

Vanderbilt University
avatar for Aline Click

Aline Click

Northern Illinois University
avatar for Kevin Close

Kevin Close

Utah State University
Graduate Research Assistant
avatar for Mia Consalvo

Mia Consalvo

Concordia University
avatar for Bob Coulter

Bob Coulter

Liztsinger Road Ecology Center
avatar for Chris Crowel

Chris Crowel

Crowell Interactive Inc

Pryce Davis

Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois, United States
avatar for Mark DeLoura

Mark DeLoura

Former White House
avatar for André Denham

André Denham

The University of Alabama
Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology
avatar for Benjamin DeVane

Benjamin DeVane

University of Iowa
Assistant Professor
avatar for Kristen DiCerbo

Kristen DiCerbo

Vice President, Learning Research and Design
avatar for Seann Dikkers

Seann Dikkers

Bethel University
Associate Professor
avatar for Betsy DiSalvo

Betsy DiSalvo

Georgia Institute of Technology
Associate Professor
avatar for Estelle Domingos

Estelle Domingos

Capella University
Lead Media Designer
avatar for Sean Duncan

Sean Duncan

Indiana University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Kelly East

Kelly East

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Vice President for Educational Outreach

Richard Eberhart

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA, United States
avatar for Teon Edwards

Teon Edwards

Lead Designer

Jason A. Engerman

Pennsylvania State University
Phd Student of Learning, Design & Technology
avatar for Hugo  Enriquez

Hugo Enriquez

Galileo University

Andrew Evans

James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA, USA
avatar for Dr. Matthew Farber

Dr. Matthew Farber

University of Northern Colorado
Assistant Professor
avatar for Mike Farley

Mike Farley

Univerity of Toronto Schools
Teacher (Geography)
avatar for Deborah Fields

Deborah Fields

Utah State University
Independent Research Consultant & Temporary Assistant Professor of...

Erinn Finke

Penn State University
University Park, PA, USA
avatar for Barry Fishman

Barry Fishman

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI, United States of America
avatar for Nick Fortugno

Nick Fortugno

Chief Creative Officer
avatar for Tracy Fullerton

Tracy Fullerton

USC Game Innovation Lab
Professor and Director
avatar for David Gagnon

David Gagnon

Field Day Lab
Field Day Lab Director
avatar for Elisabeth Gee

Elisabeth Gee

Arizona State University
avatar for Zack Gilbert

Zack Gilbert

EdGamer Host
avatar for Kelly Giles

Kelly Giles

James Madison University
Applied Sciences Librarian
avatar for Kip Glazer

Kip Glazer

Independence High School / Pepperdine University
Teacher / Doctoral Student

Kate Haley Goldman

Audience Viewpoints Consulting
avatar for Annalee Good

Annalee Good

Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative
avatar for Susannah Gordon-Messer

Susannah Gordon-Messer

The Education Arcade, MIT
Education Content Manager
avatar for Owen Gottlieb

Owen Gottlieb

avatar for Lindsay Grace

Lindsay Grace

American University Game Lab
Director and Associate Professor
avatar for Julia Gressick

Julia Gressick

Indiana University South Bend
Assistant Professor
avatar for Jen Groff

Jen Groff

Scheller Teacher Ed Program
Research Assistant

Diali Gupta

University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
avatar for Danielle Hagood

Danielle Hagood

University of California, Davis
PhD Student
avatar for Caroline Hardin

Caroline Hardin

Conference Co-Chair
avatar for James Harold

James Harold

Space Science Institute

Matthew Haselton

Filament Games
Game Designer and Research Assistant

David Hatfield

Director of Assessment
avatar for Alexandra Heidler

Alexandra Heidler

Syracuse University
avatar for Jen Helms

Jen Helms

Playmation Studios
avatar for Danielle Herro

Danielle Herro

Clemson University
Associate Professor of Digital Media and Learning
avatar for Benjamin Hickerson

Benjamin Hickerson

The Pennsylvania State University

Dean Hines

Space Science Institute/Space Telescope Science Institute
avatar for Nathan R Holbert

Nathan R Holbert

Teachers College, Columbia University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Chris Holden

Chris Holden

University of New Mexico
Associate Professor
avatar for Remi Holden

Remi Holden

University of Colorado Denver
GLS Playful Learning Summit Co-Chair
avatar for Jonathan Hollister

Jonathan Hollister

Florida State University
Doctoral Candidate

Caitlin Holman

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI, United States of America
avatar for Jeffrey Brandon Holmes

Jeffrey Brandon Holmes

Arizona State University
avatar for Adam Hott

Adam Hott

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Digital Applications Lead

Shuyi Hsu

Teachers College, Columbia University
avatar for Joey Huang

Joey Huang

Indiana University Bloomington

Naomi Hupert

Education Development Center
avatar for Aleksander Husøy

Aleksander Husøy

Nordahl Grieg vgs.
Lærer og spillpedagog

Maria Hwang

Teachers College, Columbia University
Higher Education Institution
avatar for James Earl Cox III

James Earl Cox III

Seemingly Pointless
Digital Wizard
avatar for Steven Isaacs

Steven Isaacs

Bernards Township Schools
Education Program Manager
avatar for G. Tanner Jackson

G. Tanner Jackson

Educational Testing Service
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