Wednesday, July 8 • 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Allison Mishkin

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A Beacon in the Museum: Findings from a Pilot Study using iBeacons within a Mobile AR Game in a Natural History Museum
Judy Perry, Ellen Finch, Lisa Stump

A Day in the Life of Winslow Homer:  An Interactive Tour of Primate Behavioral Ecology
Matt Ziegler

A Scavenger Hunt vs. an ARG as a Library Orientation Activity
Kelly Giles

A Tale of Two Schools: Terrain and Resources in Virtual Games and Physical Communities
Mary Stewart, Danielle Hagood, Cynthia Ching

An Unlikely Partnership: Problem-Solving With Lara Croft
Nathaniel McLachlain, Shawna Kelly, Finn John

Analyzing Game Discourse Using Moral Foundations Theory
Thomas Fennewald

Assessing Student Growth in a Constructivist and Integrated Digital Curriculum
Annalee Good, Rebecca Vonesh

Avatars in Education FTW: An Examination of How Avatar Use Influences Student Communication, Understanding, and Performance Motivation
Rabindra Ratan, Young June Sah, Celina Wanek, Lee Johnson, Madison McKinley, RV Rikard

Beyond Collaboration, Cooperation, and Competition: A Typology of Player Goals in Games as Metaphors for Life
Thomas Fennewald, Ellen Jameson, Emily Sheepy

Building a Community:  Games in Library Training and Development
Andrew Evans, Kelly Giles

Building Worlds and Learning Astronomy on Facebook
James Harold, Dean Hines, Kate Haley Goldman, Evaldas Vidugiris

Designing a Social Skills Serious Game for Individuals With Autism
Elisabeth Whyte, Joshua Smyth, K. Suzanne Scherf

Designing for Negotiation within Structure
Isaac Nichols, Katherine Chapman

Educational Roles and Structures of Interaction in a Minecraft Affinity Space
Joey Huang, Sean Duncan

Exploring Teachers’ Pedagogical Approaches and Strategies in Designing Educational Games
Yun-Jo An, Li Cao

Game On at NCAR: Infusing a Major Climate Research Center with Game-based Education
Randy Russell

Gaming with New Players: Should You Self-Handicap? Should They Know?
Douglas Maynard, Laura Kopczynski, Emily Smith, Connor Pierce

Goal Orientated Activity in Story Games
Chris Georgen

Hope in Troubled Lands: Supporting Student Inquiry with a Sustainability Simulation Game
Joli Sandoz

How Games Support Teachers’ Formative Assessment Practice
Barry Fishman, Rachel Snider, Michelle Riconscente, Tzuchi Tsai, Jan Plass

Keeping it Old School: Classic Video Games as Inspiration for Modern Student Programs
David Weintrop, Uri Wilensky

Learning Outcomes In Adults Playing and Self-debriefing  Get Water!, a Game for Change
Emily Sheepy, David I. Waddington

Location-based games and the Matter of Invention
Cleci Maraschin, Renata Kroeff, Fernando Teles, Raquel Salcedo Gomes, Poti Gavillon

Playing With History: An Analysis of Interactive Learning Through a Museum Exhibit
Nicolaas VanMeerten, Jennifer Sly

Project NEO: Assessing Preservice Teacher Science Content Knowledge with a Video Game
Timothy Young, Richard Van Eck, Mark Guy, Austin Winger, Scott Brewster

Redesign: Using Educator and Student Feedback to Enhance Functionality and UI
Adam Hott, Kelly East, Neil Lamb

Roles People Play: Key Roles that promote participation and learning in Alternate Reality Games
Elizabeth Bonsignore, Derek Hansen

Same Game, Different Players: Second Language Learning and Gaming Trajectories in a Multiplayer Online Game
Jinjing Zhao

Students Taking Charge: EPX Animation and Gaming Conference
Megan Mathews, Ryan Holtkamp, Eric Neuhaus

Testing Engagement Improvement in the Serious Educational Videogame: Cerebrex Ultimate
Ali Lemus, Hugo Enriquez, Byron Ajin

The Fate of the World is in Your Hands: Exploring The Educational Impact of a Climate Change Game
David Waddington, Thomas Fennewald

The Great STEM Caper
Dana Atwood-Blaine

The Role of Story in Computer Science Games for Girls
Elisabeth Gee, Kelly Tran, Carolee Stewart, Gail Carmichael, Lorri Hopping

Transformational Play Spaces For Microeconomics with EconU
Jason Alphonso Engerman, Chris Stubbs

Understanding Conceptual Engagement and Accuracy in an Assessment Game
Allison Mishkin, Will Jordan-Cooley, Kevin Miklasz

Using Games to Teach Global Interconnectedness
Matthew Farber

Visual Attention to a Dynamic Video Game Stimulus in Individuals with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder
Benjamin Hickerson, Erinn Finke, Krista Wilkinson

What Game Are You Playing? Affordances of Tools for Incorporating Game Elements into Classrooms
Caitlin Holman, Stephanie Wooten, Barry Fishman

What Lactose Intolerance, Peristalsis, and Chicken Nuggets Have in Common: Using Card Sorting to Inform the Content of a Digital Game
Minnie Wu, Joshua Tjokrosurjo, Patricia Cortez, Peter McPartlan, Cathy Tran, Katerina Schenke

When Good Games Promote Good Programming: Scratch Camp FTW
Xavier Velasquez, Deborah Fields

avatar for Dana Atwood-Blaine

Dana Atwood-Blaine

Assistant Professor/Science Fellow, University of Northern Iowa
Elementary Science Education Location-based Mobile Learning Games ARIS with kids
avatar for Elizabeth Bonsignore

Elizabeth Bonsignore

postdoc HCIL, University of Maryland iSchool/HCIL
Participatory Literacies and Participatory Culture; Storytelling; User experience design; Participatory Design/Cooperative Inquiry; Alternate Reality Games.
avatar for Cynthia Carter Ching

Cynthia Carter Ching

Professor of Learning and Mind Sciences, University of California, Davis
Technology and identity, personal data gaming, embodied cognition, games and behavior.
avatar for Sean Duncan

Sean Duncan

Assistant Professor, Indiana University
avatar for Kelly East

Kelly East

Vice President for Educational Outreach, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
avatar for Hugo  Enriquez

Hugo Enriquez

Guatemala, Galileo University
Games and Learning, Game Design, Game Development, Gaming, Game Industry, JRPGs

Andrew Evans

Harrisonburg, VA, USA, James Madison University
avatar for Dr. Matthew Farber

Dr. Matthew Farber

Assistant Professor, University of Northern Colorado
Matthew Farber, Ed.D., is an assistant professor of educational technology at the University of Northern Colorado, where he founded the Gaming SEL Lab. He has been invited to the White House, authored several books and papers, and is a frequent collaborator with UNESCO MGIEP and Games... Read More →
avatar for Deborah Fields

Deborah Fields

Independent Research Consultant & Temporary Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, Utah State University
Dr. Deborah A. Fields is a Temporary Assistant Professor in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences at Utah State University and an independent research consultant. Deborah researches children’s connective learning and identity engagement through designing with digital technologies... Read More →

Erinn Finke

University Park, PA, USA, Penn State University
avatar for Barry Fishman

Barry Fishman

Ann Arbor, MI, United States of America, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Gameful learning, GradeCraft, motivation, higher education
avatar for Elisabeth Gee

Elisabeth Gee

Professor, Arizona State University
I'm the Associate Director of the Center for Games & Impact at ASU, and co-directing the Play2Connect initiative with Dr. Sinem Siyahhan at Cal State-San Marcos. I'm interested in gender and gaming, game-based affinity spaces, and intergenerational play.
avatar for Kelly Giles

Kelly Giles

Applied Sciences Librarian, James Madison University
I love talking about game-based learning!

Kate Haley Goldman

Principal, Audience Viewpoints Consulting
avatar for Annalee Good

Annalee Good

Co-Director, Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative
avatar for Danielle Hagood

Danielle Hagood

PhD Student, University of California, Davis
avatar for James Harold

James Harold

Space Science Institute
Exhibitor & Gold Sponsor
avatar for Benjamin Hickerson

Benjamin Hickerson

The Pennsylvania State University

Dean Hines

Space Science Institute/Space Telescope Science Institute

Caitlin Holman

Ann Arbor, MI, United States of America, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
avatar for Adam Hott

Adam Hott

Digital Applications Lead, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
avatar for Joey Huang

Joey Huang

Indiana University Bloomington
I am a doctoral student in Indiana University’s Learning Sciences program. My research interests include affinity spaces, informal learning, and learning through social media. In particular, I am interested in developing creative and innovative learning environments. I recently... Read More →
avatar for William Jordan-Cooley

William Jordan-Cooley

Instructional Designer, BrainPOP
Will is an Instructional Designer specializing in educational games. At BrainPOP, Will works on GameUp, a curated collection of over 100 educational games with K12 alignments and teacher support materials. Will obtained his M.A. in Instructional Technology and Media from Columbia... Read More →

Lee Johnson Jr

IT, Contractor
avatar for Dr. Neil Lamb

Dr. Neil Lamb

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Neil E. Lamb, PhDVice President for Educational Outreach & Faculty InvestigatorHudsonAlpha Institute for BiotechnologyTwitter – @neillambBlog – www.shareablescience.orgDr. Neil Lamb is an award-winning science communicator who leads the educational outreach efforts at the HudsonAlpha... Read More →
avatar for Megan Mathews

Megan Mathews

Learning Technology Programming Coordinator, The University of Iowa
avatar for Doug Maynard

Doug Maynard

Professor, SUNY New Paltz
I am interested in the study of games (especially analog games) as they relate to learning, social interaction, well-being and other aspects of positive psychology. My research team and I have designed non-digital games and are currently investigating various aspects of board game... Read More →

Peter McPartlan

Postdoctoral Research Associate, San Diego State University
Peter McPartlan is a postdoctoral research associate at San Diego University. His research focuses on interventions that can support underrepresented students' sense of belonging and success in online courses. He completed his PhD in Education at the University of California, Irv... Read More →
avatar for Kevin Miklasz

Kevin Miklasz

Assessment Specialist, BrainPOP
I work on the design of new playful assessments on BrainPOP's website, and the analysis of the clickstream data that results from such assessments. I describe myself as a gamer, foodie, scientists and educator in no particular order. I love teaching kids using games and game design... Read More →
avatar for Judy Perry

Judy Perry

STEP Lab/Education Arcade, MIT
Judy currently oversees design, development and research for several projects involving games and simulations for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Her research interests include location-based games and ubiquitous “casual” games. When she is not making or playing... Read More →

Rabindra Ratan

Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
avatar for Randy Russell

Randy Russell

Game & Interactive Multimedia Developer, UCAR Center for Science Education
Science Education

Jennifer Sly

Manager, Minnesota Historical Society
Jennifer Sly leads the new Digital Learning and Assessment group at the Minnesota Historical Society. Other projects she has led are the Play the Past and “Reinventing the Field Trip for the 21st Century” projects.  For the past 15 years, Jennifer has worked at the intersection... Read More →
avatar for Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart

PhD Candidate, University of California, Davis

Carolee Stewart

Union, NJ, Kean University
avatar for Chris Stubbs

Chris Stubbs

Director, Office of Digital Learning, College of Arts and Architecture
avatar for Cathy Tran

Cathy Tran

Researcher, UC Irvine

Kelly M. Tran

Tempe, Arizona, USA, Arizona State University
avatar for Nicolaas VanMeerten

Nicolaas VanMeerten

Director of Research, GLITCH
Anything! :)

Rebecca Vonesh

Program Director, WCATY
Rebecca, Program Director of the Academy, has dabbled in the details of classroom culture in a variety of school settings. Her experience in the classroom is rooted in a constructivist approach. After years of exploring online communication, Rebecca understands how to teach higher... Read More →

David Weintrop

Northwestern University
avatar for Elisabeth Whyte

Elisabeth Whyte

Post-doc, The Pennsylvania State University
Developmental Psychology post-doc interested in the development of educational technology for improving social communication abilities for individuals with autism.

Krista Wilkinson

University Park, PA, USA, Penn State University

Wednesday July 8, 2015 5:00pm - 7:00pm CDT
Great Hall

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