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Douglas Clark

Vanderbilt University
chais 2013 talk (1 hour)

cyberlearning summit 2012 talk (10 minutes)

Doug Clark's research investigates the learning processes through which people come to understand core science concepts. This work focuses primarily on conceptual change, explanation, collaboration, and argumentation. Clark's research often explores these learning processes through the design of digital learning environments and games. Much of this research focuses on public middle school and high school students in classroom settings. Clark’s work has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Education, and the National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation.

Clark is the principal investigator on the EGAME grant from the National Science Foundation and the EPIGAME grant from the Department of Education. These grants explore designs for integrating the rich intuitive understandings players develop through popular game-play mechanics with explicit formal understandings that players can apply and transfer across other contexts. Clark is also a co-principal investigator on the NSF CTSim grant exploring the integration of argumentation, modeling, and programming to support science learning.